I’m a Lecturer in Human Geography at Plymouth University. Most recently my research has examined the themes of biosecurity, socio-politics, and environmental knowledge systems in relation to farming systems and conservation practice(s). I also have a long-standing interest in geographies of poverty and exclusion, particularly in rural and coastal areas.

My research focuses on relations between societies and environments and the ways in which these relations are conceived, practiced and contested; in science, conservation, farming, policy-making, and in rural life.

In particular I’m interested in…

Environmental knowledge: traditional knowledge,  risk perceptions,  and the socio-politics of zoonotic disease

Within this theme my research examines environmental knowledge practices and perceptions of risk within agricultural production and conservation practice in relation to the emergence of zoonotic disease.  More broadly this research asks questions of the value(s) placed on human and more-than-human health within these systems, and examines public and animal health narratives which frame risk and biosecurity a practical and institutional level.

Biopolitics:  biosecurity, animal bodies, health, lives and death in farming and conservation

Within this theme my research explores what happens to the bodies and lives of animals within farming production systems and conservation practice(s) with a particular focus on animal health and welfare. This research  interrogates the scientific, socio-political and cultural structures within which these practices are developed and implemented.


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Kim Jade Ward